pre season


Veroli, August 23 - 29 2020

They say the regular season is still far away, who knows when we will be back on the court. They say it's better to wait, enjoy the holiday, why should you bother.
Those like you, anyway, have waited long enough, they have no interest in postponing anymore.
They feel it's time to be serious again.

For the first time, Stella Azzurra, in conjunction with the LegA2's return, has decided to open the doors on its preseason work and share it with those like you. Those who know how much work there is behind a great game, how much effort and sweat before a basket, a charge taken, a key rebound.

What is Preseason Camp

The chance to think about basketball under every point of view, physical, mental, technical. To train hard for a week and harmonize the body with the ball, the court, the teammates. To lay the groundwork for a different game, more intense, more spectacular.

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Where will it take place

We will be in Veroli, a few kilometers from Frosinone. A city that already welcomed us in the past and has chosen again to share its sport nature with Stella. We will be accomodated into the wonderful halls of Hotel Palazzo Filonardi, where Chef Mario is taking care of every small detail, blending Veroli's traditional hospitality wiht the healty and organic local products, prepared with outstanding care.


We begin Sunday 23rd of August, check-in at Filonardi within 1PM, ready for lunch. The Camp ends Saturday 29th of August at 12AM

Who's invited

The camp is open for anyone, boys and girls, from 2000 to 2008. The first day we will perform some tests to define an individualized program tailor-made for each camper, forming homogeneous groups. In the end, it doesn't matter the age or the club you come from, only your will to improve matters.


You can reach Veroli onyour own, or use the Bus that will leave from Stella Azzurra's headquarters in Roma (via Flaminia 867) at 10.45 AM, Sunday 23rd. The price is just 20€ and there are also shuttles from the main stations or airports. We just need you to specify it on the enrollment forms and send us the details by email (

Options and prices

We have prepared to signup options, one for those who need living and eating accommodations, the other for those who just need lunch.

GOLD: full room and board - the Gold Option has a price of 450€

SILVER: no living accomodation, the Silver Option includes only lunch and has a price of 200€

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Innovative facilities


We will have extraordinary areas and facilities to train. PalaCoccia has just been renewed and it is a real treat. It will be the heart of Stella Azzurra's preseason training for the upcoming A2 season and the main hub for the Preseason Camp also. Right next to it the tensile structure with a second wood-floored court.
In both facilities, we will set up different areas for physical and technical trainings, also with experts connected online.
At a small distance, in the Skyline Wellness Center, we will train with weights and machines. On wednesday there will be an innovative class of jumping combact, with areal techniques to develop elastic and coordinative abilities and balance in the air.

Beyond Basketball


It will be a week full of experiences. We will climb at 1200mt to reach Prato di Campoli, a wild and incontaminated and highly suggestive location. Special training at high altitude, surrounded by a memorable scenery, green fileds, trails, wild animals.

To recover and relieve the burden of practices we will enjoy Hotel Uliveto's swimming pool. The technical staff also conceded some relax and absolute fun at Alatri 's Park Club.