Register to Stella Azzurra Preseason Camp is really easy, you can do it online. First, we need some personal information, fill this form carefully



Now proceed with payemnt choosing the option you prefer.
The Gold option comprehends living accommodation at Hotel Palazzo Farnese with full room and board.
The Silver option, instead, is specifically for those who live in Veroli or don't need to have a place to sleep. It comprehends only lunch.
No difference in content or activities between the two options.
Once the payment goes through, you'll receveive an email at the address you specified with confirmation and simple instructions for the Camp.

Payment with credit card

Carta di credito



Bus dalla Stella

Sola andata da Roma a Veroli il 23.08 partenza 10:45


Gold 2 fratelli

Silver 2 fratelli

Pulmino dalla Stazione

Dalle principali Stazioni o Aeroporti di Roma. Dettagli per email


Or via Bank Transfer: 



Headed to ASD Basket Academy

reason: iscrizione Preseason Camp  + player's name

send the receipt to