Summer Camp

Tradition and Innovation

For all of us, the Summer Camp is a very special moment, in which the experience of the season that has just ended comes to terms with the long tradition of the Stella, with everything that came before and that which is different than the confrontation with so many opponents also internationally brought again.

In short, the Camp is always the same, the sweat, the workouts, the intensity, the participation of those who don't want to miss anything in such a short time.

Yet it is always new, because basketball is constantly evolving and the Blue Star is an always open laboratory, full of contaminations that come from all over the world.
One thing, however, we did not want to change, the magical place in which to do it.

Even faced with the possibility of changing and moving to the sea or to the mountains, we thought it wouldn't be the same thing, that recreating the atmosphere you experience inside the Altero Felici Arena, our headquarters, would perhaps have been impossible.

Also this special edition of the Summer Camp will therefore be in Rome, starting on the 18th of June and ending on the 29th of July. Six weeks full of work, enthusiasm, talents looking for their way.

We have assigned a theme to each one, a common thread that will guide us during training, will allow us to narrow the focus on that aspect of the game and to face it in depth, to grasp the less obvious but perhaps even more fundamental aspects.











Who is it for?

All boys and girls born between 2003 and 2012 can register
The first week however, the one from June 18 to 24 to which we called Start from the Beginning it is also open to older children; small, until 2014

It goes without saying that homogeneous working groups will be formed for each week that take into account age and children's skills. and skills


Rome at the Stella Azzurra headquarters
Arena Altero Felici
Via Flaminia 867 - Rome


  • week 1: June 18 - 24 ‘Start from the Beginning’
  • week 2: June 25 - July 1 ‘You've got the ball’
  • week 3: July 2 -8 ‘Hooping’
  • week 4: July 9-15 ‘Make it rain’
  • week 5: July 16-22 ‘Be your MVP’
  • week 6: July 23-29 ‘Respect The Game’


There are two formulas to participate in the Stella Nation Summer Camp


Intended for those coming from out of town and includes accommodation at the Grand Hotel Fleming.

500per week

If you have already filled out the registration form to complete your reservation, you can proceed with the payment


For those who have the possibility to go home at the end of the activities. It includes lunch, while dinner can be booked directly at the Stella at a cost of 8 Euros.

250per week

If you have already filled out the registration form to complete your reservation, you can proceed with the payment


The Camp program is designed to meet your needs. already very intense, but for those who want to make it even more intense; rich one's participation there is; the possibility; to do more. To request what is one or more individual sessions of a physical, technical or mental nature, one-on-one, to go in-depth with the individual. on the most important aspects important.


The Extra Sessions are held during the day, in the morning before the meeting, close to lunch and before dinner. They take nothing away from the Camp program, they just add individual work.

You can book by clicking on the button below. The times will then be agreed with the staff and reported on the Camp's internal site, dedicated only to registered members, which will be published on the website. online shortly before each week.

At check-in, you will have the opportunity to book a ticket. to try out some of the Extras available and talk to the staff about your needs.



For each week, the arrival is scheduled on Sundays between 5 and 7 pm. After the registration operations you will have the possibility to register. get to know the facility and try out some of the activities on offer. extras that you can buy to enrich your experience at the Summer Camp

At 7 pm the first general meeting in which he will present himself; the Camp, the staff, the rules of conduct and the modalities; organizational.

Then Formula Full dinner at the Stella and transfer to the Grand Hotel Fleming, while the appointment for the boys of the Local formula is at the same time. for Monday; at 9.30 for the start of the activities.


From Monday; on Fridays; you train from 9.30 in the morning until 18.30 in the evening. Basketball, physical work and many activities; collateral such as Yoga, Judo, Pool to develop athletic skills. directly related to the game of basketball, such as flexibility, balance and body control.

After dinner, the tournaments start around 9.30 pm, ranging from 1c1 to 5c5

The finals are on Saturday morning. Closing of the camp, awards and greetings by 11.30


The boys of the Full formula will be accommodated at the Grand Hotel Fleming in Piazza Monteleone of Spoleto - an elegant 4-star hotel located on the Fleming Hill, where they will also have breakfast . The structure is about a kilometer and a half from the Altero Felici Arena, all transport will in any case be carried out with the minibuses supplied to the Stella Azzurra.

Training and competitions will instead be at our headquarters in Via Flaminia 867, where we will have 2 indoor parquet fields, an outdoor field, an outdoor swimming pool, a rugby field, 2 weight rooms and numerous exercise rooms. collateral.

Lunch and dinner will be served in the Food and Beverage Room, also at the Stella Azzurra.

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