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It is now official, the Summer Camp will not only take place, but it will start very soon. And if it must be a new start, we want to do it right from our home, the historic headquarters of the Blue Star, where our players train all season.


  • The staff of the Stellazzurra Basketball Academy, coordinated by Coach Germano D’Arcangeli, available for your passion and talent

  • Training aimed at developing your technical, physical and mental skills

  • Open to all athletes (from 2010 to 2002) from any club

  • Groups of up to 8 people will be formed based on age and ability

  • The possibility to book individual Extra Sessions with the coaches and physical trainers of the Blue Star

We waited a long time, overcame complicated moments when it was understood that the stop would be long, that training and playing would not be possible. 

But we never gave up. We stayed together, we learned to work online, to resist, to keep the flame alive under the ashes. 

Now finally the worst seems past, we will still have to be careful and take all the necessary precautions but finally, we are back on the court.


All the provisions will be respected: sanitation of premises and materials, temperature measurement, compilation of a self-certification by each athlete and division into groups of maximum 8 people.


Precisely for this reason we will have to limit the number of total subscribers to 48 for each week, inevitably giving priority to the registrations that arrived first.


Our weeks:

  • Week 1: dal 06/14 al 06/20 Gold

  • Week 1: dal 06/15 al 06/19 Silver

  • Week 2: dal 06/21 al 06/27 Gold

  • Week 2: dal 06/22 al 06/26 Silver

  • Week 3: dal 06/29 al 07/04 Gold

  • Week 3: dal 06/28 al 07/03 Silver

  • Week 4: dal 07/05 al 07/11 Gold

  • Week 4: dal 07/06 al 07/10 Silver

  • Week 5: dal 07/12 al 07/18 Gold

  • Week 5: dal 07/13 al 07/17 Silver

  • Week 6: dal 07/19 al 07/25 Gold

  • Week 6: dal 07/20 al 07/24 Silver


Option Gold 


From Sunday evening (before 19.00) to Saturday morning (end of activity 11.30) Overnight stay, breakfast and dinner at Flaminio Village reachable on foot in 5 minutes from the Stella Azzurra. Lunch at the Stella Facility restaurant


Cost Euro 420


Option Silver


From Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm. Lunch at the Stella Azzurra Facility restaurant


Cost Euro 190




Gold 2 settimane

Gold 2 fratelli

Silver 2 settimane

Silver 2 fratelli



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